Battle of the Books Teams


3rd Grade

The Red Dudes
The Orange M & M s
Yellow Jackets
The Mighty Mighty Green Dragons
The Blue Patriots
Purple Puppies
Pink Swifties
Golden Dragons
Silver Knights
Rosey Rockstars
Maroon Mischief Makers
Lilac Ladies
Navy Knights
The Great Gray Griffins
4th Grade
Red Devils
Orange Dinos
Yellow Bumble Bees
Green Shreks
The Big Blue Octos
The Purple Painters
The Pink Barbies
Golden Greek Gods
Silver Skulls
Rad Roses
Lucky Lilacs
Gray Back Wolves
5th Grade
The Reckless Reds
Orange Bengal Tigers
Yellow Jell-O
Green Goblins
Blue Book Bandits
The Purple Team - Name TBD
The Pink Ladies
Gray Penguins